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Junction Concept and Modelling

Chris Kennett Consulting Limited provide creative, conceptual advice on the planning of traffic signals, optimising for cycling, walking and public transport from the start. We can offer unusual and bespoke solutions, to help land developers meet the increasing need for sustainable transport, while still keeping cars moving.

We can model traffic signal junctions and networks in new developments and exsting towns, identifying opportinuties and new capacity. As an expert in the use of JCT’s Linsig modelling software, our modelling is informed by real life, and our knowledge of design, so what we propose, can be achieved.

Traffic Signal Design

We take conceptual plans, junction and network models as the basis for detailed traffic signal designs and specifications. Even complex and challenging network designs can be translated into deliverable traffic signal design packages.

With experience in both planning and delivery, designs are realistic and deliverable, created with the Local Highway Authority’s expectations in mind. Typical signal design packages will include a CAD design, TOPAS 2500 controller specification, works specifications and, of course, Designer’s Risk Assessment.

Within our design work, we think about all road users, including people with disabilities. We actively work to make our designs usable, sustainable and reliable, for everyone’s benefit.

Testing and Validation

Chris Kennett Consulting Limited can undertake full Factory and Site Acceptance Testing, as required by most Local Highway Authorities. This can be followed, if necessary, by validation of the timings and mode of control.

Especially important at roundabouts, gyratories and trunk road or high speed sites, validation makes sure the settings and timings are safe and provide the best level of service to the public. We can validate any mode of control, including V.A., CLF and SCOOT, and we specialise in MOVA.

Validation does not need to be just for traffic – we can validate for pedestrians, cyclists, equestrians and public transport as well.

With experience in construction delivery and project management, we can even advise your project management and delivery teams on building traffic signal installations, helping you manage risk and minimise cost.


Chris Kennett Consulting Limited have joined with JCT Consultancy to offer MOVA Training. Details of upcoming publicly available courses are published on JCT’s website, or get in touch to discuss private or custom training courses.

Who we are

Chris Kennett Consulting Limited offer over 19 years experience in traffic signal engineering, in both the public and private sector, and in all areas of planning, design and delivery. The company is led by Chris himself, but also employs a small number of people and sub contractors for specialist work and specific projects.

Chris Kennett worked in the Traffic Signals Team of Cambridgeshire County Council for over 11 years, and has worked in the private sector since 2014. Throughout his career, Chris has been at the forefront of traffic signal design and technology, such as the early adoption of ELV signals and introducing advanced cycle filters into UK legislation.

Chris has published a range of research and presented papers on theory, modelling, design and practical applications of traffic signals at national events.

Published works and papers

Chris Kennett has published and presented on a range of subjects related to traffic signals, with a number of different people and organisations. Papers presented at the JCT Symposium can be downloaded from the JCT Symposium website here:

Where we work

We work anywhere across the UK, from our base in East Anglia.

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If you have a traffic signal project at any stage, and need advice, planning, modelling, design, testing or validation, please get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss any project and can provide a quote, bid or may be able to help you to prepare your bid.

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